Lady Val's Stamp Website

Here I hope to show you the items I have available for trading. I am looking for swappers who will stick around and continue trading through the years.

I have been an avid stamp collector since childhood. My Mom and a 4th grade teacher were the ones who began this whole adventure with me.

I am looking for regular swappers in the following countries


Canada 1980-2005

(Malta- all years)Malta want list

(Great Britian-No Machins please. Great Britian Want List

(Spain- all years)

(France 1980- present - no marianes, Sabines or liberties)

(Hungary 1992 - present )

(Czech 1985-1992)

(Czech Rep 1992 - present)

(Ireland - 1990-present )

(Portugal - 1990 - present )

(Finland - 1990 - present )

( Sweden -  all years )

( Norway - 1990 - present )Norway Want List

(Estonia - All years )

(Latvia - all years )

(Lithuania -  all years )

( Poland 2000-present )

(Germany - 1980-2005 )

(Germany - DDR- all years)

(Germany - Berlin - All years)

(Denmark - all years)

( Switzerland - have want list)

(Belgium - 1980 -  present)

(Netherlands - 1985 - present)

(Italy - 1980's to present)

(Romania - 1990's to present)

(Croatia- all years )

(Slovakia-  all years)

(Slovenia - all years)

Bulgaria I do not collect

(Austria - all years, please no definitives I have lots of those)

(Greece- 1985-present)


Australia have want list or send 1985-2005 no definitives I have lots of those

New Zealand 1980-present

Philippines all years

Botswana all years

South Africa  1980- present

St Pierre et Miquelon all years

St. Lucia all years

Spanish Colonies

German Colonies

Antarctic Territories ALL

Portuguese Colonies 

I will swap on a regular basis via want list for USA and Canada. Other countries I cannot work off of a want list as I really don't have the time or the catalogues to work off of. Other countries I will swap on a 1x1 basis, and realize higher value stamps, of course deserve a higher value on my end. I can provide USA priority mail, express mail, duck hunting stamps, and jr. duck stamps as higher value stamps. Priority mail and express mail I can provide both used and mint current issues.

 I do prefer postally used stamps over mint. I do realize some countries CTO's are what is readily available. If you want mint USA I will trade 1 mint USA for 1 mint of equal values from your country. Definitive will not be an item regularly traded, if you have needs in definitive I will only send what you need, and I expect the same in return. I do have needs in some countries for some definitive and will use a want list for those.